Building Blended Family Relationships that thrive!
Building Blended Family Relationships that thrive!


RECONCILED:  A Story of Didvorce, Redemption, and a Blended Familiy United!

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There are over one million new divorces a year, the rate of divorce is growing. This is a story of one mother's life lessons, answered prayers, and blessings after divorce. Through the power of prayer and self-examination, Bobbi takes you on a journey of renewed faith, redemption, reconciliation, and a blended family united. Click HERE to order you copy pf RECONCILED Today!

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HOPE for Separation and Divorce 


Single Parenting Success 


Cooperative Co-Parenting


Helping Children of Divorce


Remarriage Success! 


Building Blended and Blessed Stepfamily Relationships 




Welcome Blended Families!

Whether you are co-parenting with your ex-spouse, dating or engaged to a single parent, or remarried with stepchildren,  you are and could be part of a blended family. 40% of couples with children are stepcouples and 100 million people in the US have step-relationship of some kind. Stepparenting is radically different than parenting. Stepfamily dynamics inpact stepcouple health as much or more than the marriage itself.


Children also suffer from divorce. More than 1 million children are affected by divorce each year and the lifelong interaction between their biological parents. We're here to help you build blended family relationships  that thrive! 


So glad you're here.

Bobbi Brooks Wilcox

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