Building StepFamily Relationships that thrive...Because Children Matter.
Building StepFamily Relationships that thrive...Because Children Matter.


RECONCILED:  A Story of Didvorce, Redemption, and a Blended Familiy United!

Help support our Blended Family Ministry by purchasing your copy of RECONCILED.

There are over one million new divorces a year, the rate of divorce is growing. Find Hope and Healing in this inspirational story of one mother's hope for peace after divorce, and how a blended family united. Click HERE to order you copy pf RECONCILED Today!

     Free Blended Family Resource Center!

We provide a FREE Resource Center whether you are divorced, a co-parent, remarried, or have a stepfamily. You'll find helpful links to articles, books, study groups, educational classes, events, and much more. We're here to HELP YOU build a healthy and happy blended stepfamily that thrives!


HOPE for Separation and Divorce 


Single Parenting Success 


Cooperative Co-Parenting


Helping Children of Divorce


Remarriage Success! 


Building Blended and Blessed Stepfamily Relationships 





Blended Families United focus is that building on strengths is much more productive than focusing on our weaknesses, therefore, WE UNITE to raise healthy and happy children, grandchildren, and future generations that thrive because... Children Matter! 


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