Who We Are

"Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace."

Ephesians 4:3

Our Vision 

 Our vision for blended families is to prevent redivorce and stop the generational cycle of divorce. In order to prevent divorce in the next generation, we have to stop redivorce TODAY! In order to do this, co-parents, blended family couples, and bonus parents must resolve and heal their past issues, educate themselves on preventing redivorce and how to build healthy blended family relationships, practice peacemaking skills in their communication with their co-parent and one another, and become united in raising emotionally healthy children so they can be nurtured and given an opportunity to be whole as they grow into adults. 


 Blended families and cohabitating stepcouples make up 87 percent of cohabitating couples with children in America. And, with over one million new divorces a year, and the rate is growing daily, thousands of children are affected by divorce and the interaction of their biological parents and bonus parents. Providing a blended family support system to encourage, equip, educate, and engage. will help blended family couples to raise healthy and thriving children, and provide the tools they need to prevent redivorce and build blended family relationships that thrive.

Our Strategy

  • EQUIP blended family couples with mentorship, resources, tools, skills needed to collectively collaborate together in their communication, actions, and faith by providing material and workshops that offer more effective ways to communicate, build trust, and make peace. 
  • EDUCATE blended family couples about remarriage and stepfamily statistics and how they can build on their strengths through The Smart Stepfamily educational course that will help them understand that it's important to cook a stepfamily slowly over time, learn communication skills to deal with co-parents, solve puzzles of stepchildren relationships, recognize the unique place of each family member, and how to honor families of origin while developing new traditions. 
  • EMPOWER blended family couples (biological parents, co-parents, and stepcouples) to UNITE and build healthy blended family relationships that thrive to prevent redivorce and to raise emotionally healthy children so they can be nurtured and given an opportunity to be whole as they grow into adults. 
  • ENGAGE blended family couples in blended family support groups, local ministries, churches, and organizations that support and promote blended family care. And, reach out to the community to collaborate and establish strategic partnerships and alliances with local organizations, churches, ministries, businesses, family law attorneys, marriage and family counselors, therapist, and state institutions, that interact with divorced parents, children of divorce, blended family couples, and blended families to offer help and support. To reach out Nationally and Globally to ALL blended/stepfamilies to encourage HOPE and UNIFICATION. 

RECONCILED is a story of divorce, redemption, and a blended family united!



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