Helping Blended Families Thrive!
  Helping Blended Families Thrive!

What We Offer


We educate stepfamilies by offering biblically- based educational classes and study groups designed for stepfamilies:

  • The Smart Stepfamily Marriage Study Group (based on Ron Deal's book)
  • The Smart Stepfamily Educational Course (based on Ron Deal's book)


We equip stepcouples with helpful stepfamily resources,  workshops, and events that will provide them the necessary tools and skills they need to build a healthy and happy remarriage, co-parenting relationship, and steprelationships.


We offer stepcouples support through:

  • Mentorship (mentoring stepcouples) 
  • Connection(connecting stepcouples with other stepcoupls)
  • Support Groups (Community support groups) 


  •  Nationally, 40 percent of couples with children are stepcouples and 100 million people in the US have a step-relationship of some kind
  • 40 percent of all new marriages in the US are remarriage for one or both of the partners (Most form stepfamilies)
  • There are an additional 36 million Americans who are divorced or widowed (possibly finding themselves in a remarriage at some point)
  • Remarriage has a higher divorce rate due to the process of stepfamily "blending"
  • Stepparenting is radically different than parenting
  • Marital isolation is often tied to stressors like ex-spouses, previous hurt, or holiday/special day traditions and expectations
  • Stepcouples have conflict around kids and parenting

Bringing two families together in REMMARIAGE can be joyful and chaotic! The good news is submitting your relationships to God and seeking the right resources, blended married couples can thrive. Nurturing your marriage and making it a TOP priority is essential to preventing redivorce.  Blended Families United helps stepcouples work SMARTER not harder.


CHILDREN OF DIVORCE AND REDIVORCE are the ones that suffer the most. For most children, the divorce of their parents is like an earthquake that destroys their home, security, and stability. Their parents' divorce marks them for the rest of their lives. However, research confirms that children can successfully adjust to the ending of their parents' marriage and can fare reasonably well when their parents work together whether married, divorced, or remarried to other people. We support healthy child development and preventing divorce in the next generation.


Another big part of blended family adjustment is CO-PARENTING. Intentional and purposeful co-parenting can make an absolute difference in the emotional health, wholeness, and future stability of the children who are often caught in the middle of unresolved issues between their parents and stepparents. To co-parent well you have to get along. You have to put your differences and emotions aside and find a way to cooperate with him or her for the sake of the children.


Building healthy STEPFAMILY RELATIONSHIPS requires patience and time. Research revealed that a loving, well-functioning stepfamily over time can negate many of the detrimental psychological impacts of divorce on children. The benefits to children from healthy stepfamilies carry over to their adult years and positively impact their marital choices.  It appears they have a lower divorce rate (compared to other children of divorce), and the quality of their own marriages closely mirrors the stepfamily's healthy marriage than the poor-quality marriage that ended in divorce. 



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