Strengthening Blended family Relationships

A recent study in America showed 40 percent of married couples with children are stepcouples. A stepcouple, according to Ron L. Deal in his book The Smart StepFamily and founder of Smart Stepfamilies, refers to couples in which one or both of them had a child from a previous relationship before they married. Stepfamilies are part of the norm in our culture, comprising a huge people group that must be considered part of mainstream American life. The common term for stepfamlies has shifted to "blended family". Blended family couples (aka. stepcouples) make up 87 percent of cohabitating couples with children in America. 


In 1998 James Brap published research on the first ten-year longitudinal study of blended families in America. His research revealed that a loving, well-functioning blended family over time can negate many of the detrimental psychological impacts of divorce on children. Brap's research also shows the benefits to children from healthy blended families carry over to their adult years and positively impact their marital choices. It appears they have a lower divorce rate (compared to other children of divorce), and the quality of their own marriages closely mirrors the blended families' healthy marriage than the poor-quality marriage that ended in divorce. 


As we can see, it's important to build a healthy blended family and strong remarriage couple relationships. In this section, you'll find helpful links to articles, books, and support groups to help you build a strong healthy blended family.


What About the Couple Relationship?

After remarriage, there is much confusion about the couple's relationship. The unspoken thought that it was going to be just like a first marriage even though you're both bringing children to this new relationship.


By Smart Stepfamilies

How to Cook a Stepfamily

Your stepfamily has an assumed integration style. They have a set of assumptions about how your stepfamily "

'ought' to come together.


By Smart Stepfamilies

How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Your StepChild 

The stepparent-stepchild relationship is weak due to little emotional connection and a brief shared history. 


By Smart Stepfamilies

When Love Isn't Enough

While love is important, there are other critical ingredients too. Communication is perhaps the most important key to a strong, healthy relationship. Effective communication requires you to be an active listener.


By Smart Stepfamilies

Courses & Study Groups

Build a Strong and Healthy Stepfamily!

The Smart Stepfamily Study Course 

In this eight-week Smart Stepfamily course, you'll explore the seven fundamental steps to blended family success. Discover practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face in a stepfamily. This course is based on the book, The Smart Stepfamily by Ron L. Deal, marriage and family author, speaker, and therapist

FamilyLife Blended Ministry

FamilyLife Blended Ministry provides biblically-based resources that help prevent re-divorce, strengthen stepfamilies, and help break the generational cycle of divorce. You'll find events, books, podcasts, and more.

Nacho Kids Academy

The Academy is the leading training, coaching, and community resource for blended families. It’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of building a successful blended family so that you SEE RESULTS QUICKLY!




Build a Strong Healthy Stepfamily.

The Smart Stepmom by Ron Deal and Laura Patherbridge

In today's complicated stepfamily, the stepmom often doesn't know where to turn help. Stepfamily expert Ron Deal and experienced stepmom Laura Patherbridge show you how to survive and thrive as a stepmom.


The Smart Stepfamily by Ron Deal

The Smart Stepfamily reveals the seven fundamental steps to blended family succes and provides practical realistic, solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily. You'll discover how to communicate effectively and solve the everday puzzels of stepchildren relationships.

The Smart Stepdad by Ron Deal

Stepfathers are often left to travel a difficult road without clear directions. Ron Deal offers advice for men navigating the stepfamily minefield, including how to connect with stepchildren, being a godly rolemodel, how to dicipline, dealing with biological dad, and keeping the bond strong with one's new spouse.

FamilyLife Blended provides biblically-based resources that help prevent re-divorce, strengthen stepfamilies, and help break the generational cycle of divorce.

RECONCILED is a story of divorce, redemption, and a blended family united!



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