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RESEARCH shows children of divorce are the ones that suffer the most. For most children, the divorce of their parents is like an earthquake that destroys their home, security, and stability. Their parent's divorce marks them for the rest of their lives. Research shows that ACOD Adult Children of Divorce is emotionally affected long after their parent's divorce. ACOD have higher rates of depression, suicidal attempts and thoughts, and health problems,  childhood sexual abuse, school drop out, failure to attend college, arrests, addiction, teen pregnancy, and more... Some ACOD struggles with the scars left by their parents' divorce: they have a harder time finishing school, getting and keeping jobs, maintaining relationships, and having lasting relationships.


GOOD NEWS is in, The Smart Stepfamily, Ron Deal explains how research clearly confirms that children successfully adjust  to the ending of their parents' marriage and can fare reasonably well if; 1) parents are able to bring their marital relationship to an end without excessive conflict; 2) children are not put into the middle of whatever conflict exist; and 3) there is a commitment from parents to cooperate on issues of the children's material, physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual welfare. Bottom line---children need their parents to work together whether married, divorced, or married to other people. 


The goal is to keep our children out of any unfinished business we may have had from the marriage after divorce, learn to collectively collaborate with our co-parent, and focus on the well-being of our children because...CHILDREN MATTER! .It is our responsibility to help our children heal so they can grow up to live healthy and happy lives. 


Below are links to some valuable resources to help your children heal from divorce.  


How Well Do Kids Bounce Back After Divorce?

Kids may be resilient but divorce does serious damage to them. For most children, the divorce of their parents is like an earthquake that destroys their home, their security, their stability.


By FamilyLife

It Hurts to Be a Child of Divorce 

For a child, things never seem "right" again after your parents divorce. It's the most unnatural thing in the world to have go to two Thanksgivings gatherings, two Christmases.


By FamilyLife

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce: Adult Children of Divorce

Divorce is a generational curse, and therefore, if you can break the cycle of divorce, you do so not only for yourself, but also for your children, your grandchildren, and future generations.                                            By FamilyLife 


The pain of divorce never goes away for children. The messages at Postcards from Splitsville provide a brief glimpse at the tremendous pain felt by children when their world is broken.  For more information on the Postcards from Splitsville Project click on the link under articles below.                                       By FamilyLife    





Links to Books, Videos, & Support Group

Children Matter!

Between Two Worlds by Elizabeth Marquardt

Divorces sow lasting inner conflict in the lives of children. When a family breaks into two, children who stay in touch with both parents must travel between two worlds.  

One Heart, Two Homes Video

For parents walking the path of co-parenting after divorce and remarriage, watch this informative video.

DC4K Support Group for Kids

DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) helps your child heal from the pain of divorce. Are you children angry, hurt, and confused about separation and divorce? DC4K group is a safe, fun place where your children can learn skills that will help them heal.

Local Resources in Colorado Springs

Janice Black, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Child & Family Investigator, Parental Responsibility Evaluator, Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker, and Therapeutic and Supervised Visitations


DivorceCare 4 Kids offers 8-week classes for children of divorce. Your child will find healing and  support in a faith-based enviornment.


Pikes Peak Christian Church 

Legal Parenting Coordinator & Supervised Visitations

RECONCILED is a story of divorce, redemption, and a blended family united!



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