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According to Tammy G. Daughtry of Co-Parenting International, there are over one million new divorces a year, the rate of divorce is growing daily! Thousands of children are affected by divorce and the lifelong interaction between their biological parents. Intentional and purposeful Co-Parenting can make an absolute difference in the emotional health, wholeness, and future stability of the children who are often caught in the middle of unresolved issues between their parents.


To co-parent well you have to get along. You have to put your differences and emotions aside and find a way to cooperate with him or her for the sake of the children. Parenting is about your children's well-fare, development, emotional and spiritual nurturance, not your personal needs. It's important to find ways to be cordial and cooperative with people you dislike or distrust. Parenting decisions, goals, and attitudes need to be centered around what will benefit your children and increase their desire for the Lord. Here are some helpful

resources to articles, books, and website that will support you in your cooperative co-parenting skills.


When Life Hurts: Under-standing Children and Disap-pointment

Don't be guilty of underestimating the loss experienced by children of divorce and how the loss affects their behavior. 


By FamilyLife 

Adjusting to Part-Time Parenting

No one wants to give up time with his or her children, but the majority of divorced parents do. Sometimes we miss out on celebrating birthdays. We have no idea what our children are experiencing during the times they are with their other parent. Part-time parenting is a challenge. 


By The Smart Stepfamily

Cooperative Co-Parenting

Cooperative co-parenting allows children to be children and adult to be their parents. Ron Deal offers ten guidelines to follow.


By The Smart Stepfamily & Ron Deal

Dealing with a Difficult Ex-spouse:10 Tips to Help You Cope

Dealing with a difficult ex-spouse can be very discouraging and defeating. Yet, we are called, to "turn the other cheek", and "walk the extra mile." Read  tips that can help aid you in your efforts to cope.


By The Smart Stepfamily & Ron Deal  

Radio Podcasts & Free E-Booklet

Helping Co-Parents and Children Thrive!

Co-Parenting: Relationships

What should you consider before remarring? Ron Deal, a marriage and family therapist, gives some time-tested advice to couples preparing to remarry. 


Podcast by FamilyLife & Ron Deal

Parenting After Divorce Free E-Booklet

This is a FREE 50 page e-booklet by Ron Deal from his book The Smart Stepfamily. It outlines the key qualitis of successful co-parent relationships. Click below to download your free copy.


By The Smart Stepfamily & Ron Deal

Helping Your Children Thrive After Divorce

Tammy Daughtry, the founder of C0-Parenting International, reminds divorced co-parents that their number one motive must be to love their children well and to try to heal the hurt.


Podcast by FamilyLife & Tammy Duaghtry 

Local Services

Front Range Collaborative Co-Parenting in Colorado Springs

Offers individual services, classes and groups to help co-parents and children of divorce thrive.

Janice Black, LCSW in Colorado Springs 

Psychotherapist, Child & Family Investigator, Parental Responsibilites Evaluator, Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker, Therapeutic and Supervised Visitations Provider, Parenting Classes for Divorced & Blended Families

Our Family Wizard 

Helping Divorced and Separated Families Communicate. Online and mobile communication tools to make shared parenting easier.


RECONCILED is a story of divorce, redemption, and a blended family united!



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