Building Blended Family Relationships that Thrive Because...CHILDREN MATTER!
  Building Blended Family Relationships that Thrive Because...CHILDREN MATTER!

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The US divorce rate is 45 percent, the blended marriage divorce rate is 76 percent, and third marriage is 73 percent. Stepcouples often find themselves caught between the future and the past. In the past, pain and loss from divorce still haunt them. In the present, feelings of anger, resentment, rejection, and guilt take away people's energy emotionally, and losses are too much to count. The pain of the past makes for fear of the future.


Children of divorce are the ones that suffer the most. For most children, the divorce of their parents is like an earthquake that destroys their home, security, and stability. Their parent's divorce marks them for the rest of their lives. However, research confirms that children can successfully adjust to the ending of their parents' marriage and can fare reasonably well when their parents work together whether married, divorced, or married to other people. 


Intentional and purposeful Co-Parenting can make an absolute difference in the emotional health, wholeness, and future stability of the children who are often caught in the middle of unresolved issues between their parents. To co-parent well you have to get along. You have to put your differences and emotions aside and find a way to cooperate with him or her for the sake of the children. Parenting decisions, goals, and attitudes need to be centered around what will benefit your children and increase their desire for the Lord.


Bringing two families together in Remarriage can be joyful and chaotic! The good news is submitting your relationships to God and seeking the right resources, blended married couples can truly thrive!


Building Healthy Stepfamily Relationships requires patience and time. Research revealed that a loving, well-functioning stepfamily over time can negate many of the detrimental psychological impacts of divorce on children. The benefits to children from healthy stepfamilies carry over to their adult years and positively impact their marital choices. It appears they have a lower divorce rate (compared to other children of divorce), and the quality of their own marriages closely mirrors the stepfamily's healthy marriage than the poor-quality marriage that ended in divorce. 


Below are helpful resources to guide you on your path to building a blessed, healthy and happy blended family. 

Free Resources for Blended Families

Find Hope, Healing, Support, and More!

HOPE After Divorce

Find hope and healing after separation and divorce.

Links, articles, and local and support groups

Single Parenting Success

Single parenting is difficult but possible with help and support.

Links, articles, books, and local and support groups

Helping Children of Divorce

Children can successfully adjust to the ending of their parents' marriage and can fare reasonably well when their parents work together whether married, divorced, or married to other people. 

Links, articles, books, and support groups for kids.

Cooperative Co-Parenting

Children need their parents to work together whether married, divorced, or married to other people. Learn more about what a Healthy Co-Parent Relationship looks like from Tammy Daughtry's checklist of Healthy Co-Parenting.

Links, articles, and books

Remarriage Success

The US blended marriage divorce rate is 67 percent and 73 percent for third marriages. Planning for a successful remarriage is key to a successful blended family.

Links, articles, books, and study groups 

Building Healthy Stepfamily Relationships

Building healthy and happy blended stepfamilies is possible...

Links, articles, books, and study course



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